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Chef Bac: I want my audience to gain something wanting to learn uplift their spirits through what I relate with, whether it's through emotions or less difficult beat I've produced, the population should recognise they have another hip hop head in their hands who [has] thought he would follow wherever his dreams of layin' something ill will 'em. Lady Gaga walked in the Nokia Theatre Sunday evening fully expecting to walk away with really one American Music Awards trophy -- the Breakthrough Artist prize. With over 4 million copies of her first album "The Fame" sold, five Top and two No. 1 singles, together with a continuing associated with sold-out venues around the world, Lady gaga was the artist to beat at the 2009 AMAs

Kim Kardashian may continue to be married to Kris Humphries but she is flashing some seriously huge diamond bling sparking engagement rumors. For weeks were hearing rumors that Kanye west was to be able to pop and also the question on Kim's unique birthday

50 isn't stranger several little album battling. Just 2 years ago, he took on adidas yeezy boost 750 in a somewhat publicized album release battle that ended with 50 moving less units than Kanye. Ironically, both Jay-Z and 50 Cent have released albums on September 11th; Jay released Blueprint September 11th, 2001 while 50 released Curtis September 11th, 3 years ago. But should Gloriana have won? With Lady Gaga's numbers, does not seem logical that any other artist nominated could beat her. But the American Music Awards are voted on by anyone

The Breakthrough Artist Award (which is sponsored by T-Mobile) is a popularly chosen award as well, but it really allows voting to keep on into regularly awards show time position. Perhaps Lady Gaga fans felt too complacent. Perhaps Gloriana fans felt decided on. With an unrestricted "vote as frequently as you like" rule, any belonging to the artists may easily garnered. There is a message below which was posted on Facebook recently informing uninformed parents about a drug called, "Molly." Every person also called by many names possesses various mixtures of substance. It comes in powder or pill form. While some say it's not not as bad as other drugs, we also point out that being blind in one eye isn't as bad as being blind in a choice of eyes. Kim given back from her trip to Rome with boyfriend adidas yeezy boost 350 sporting an incredible diamond ring on her pinky. Did Kanye just want to give Kim some super bling or are they secretly engaged and she's wearing the ring in her pinky as opposed to her ring finger? "Soundtrack Of a Concept" and "Frequent Flier Files". The first has a tale to which yeezy boost 350 v2 black white. The beats in it came together as a vehicle accident yeezy boost 350 v2 . When I realized that, and played it together cannabis in it, it all played together very well, so I kept out.