July 2021 issue out now! - H&E naturist magazine

July 2021 issue out now!

H&E July 2021 naturist nudist magazine health efficiency

In this issue, Chris Moore visits Florida’s Haulover Beach and meets the pioneering couple who fought for their right to sunbathe naked there. It’s a community asset that regional naturist organisations around the world could learn from, he argues. 

We also hear the story of Ginny, who hated her body until she discovered naturism, and she tells how the experience gave her the confidence to make positive changes to her health and lifestyle; plus, Linda Weber looks at the social pressures that might be preventing women from trying naturism. 

Paul Rouse analyses a new study of attitudes to naked sunbathing around the world; and we preview the Naked Heart Walk, SW Skinny Dip and the Naturist Foundation‘s Party in the Stark. Charis Brundle reports back from Cuba, and Anna from A Naturist World continues her list of frustrations and solutions.

Meanwhile, Charlie Simonds enjoys a photoshoot among the bluebells with Ella, and Rayner Otter dives into the thorny issue of class – and whether it matters to naturists.