December 2020 issue out now! - H&E naturist magazine

December 2020 issue out now!

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In this issue, as we all face an uncertain Christmas with the prospect of not being able to see our friends and family, Rayner Otter offers up some suggestions on how to keep up the festive cheer – naked, of course. Meanwhile, Ian Roberts ponders the impact of social distancing within naturism and other more, let’s say, intimate lifestyles. 

In her latest column, Anna Woodings from A Naturist World talks a bit more about her daily life in Malaga, but asks – are some naturists more equal than others? Theresa O’Shea manages to escape to Portugal’s idyllic ilhas, while Charlie Simonds looks back on film and photography fun with Holly, who graced numerous H&E covers in the 1990s. 

Alan Varty is back with more musings on the naked lifestyle as he sees it; in his latest article on psychology and naturism, Robert Sanders looks at the need for security; and there’s a short story by Paul Rouse about a businessman’s first-time naturist experience.