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H&E January 2019 naturist nudist magazine health efficiencyThe February 2019 issue of H&E is out now!

In this issue, Ian Roberts tackles the subject of body art in the naturist community and asks whether it’s a question of taste; Charlie Simonds revisits the age-old argument of what a “real” naturist is; and Rayner Otter looks at being naked in the bathroom – surely it’s where we all strip off, but are naturists more comfortable in sharing their ablutions?

Meanwhile, Otter begins a new series, Naked Winelands, looking at areas known for both their viticulture and for being naturist-friendly, starting with Germany; Theresa O’Shea visits some beautiful inland rivers and gorges in Extremadura, Spain; and Robert Sanders goes on a naked ride on Brighton’s i360 tower.

Plus, Andrew Calow reports on a frustrating festive period spent trying to convince newspaper editors that naturism has nothing to do with swinging after a series of “X-rated Christmas” stories; Jeanne Su looks at Brussels in winter as she enjoys an indoor photography shoot; and Susie Kearley looks at how antioxidants in fruit and veg can help protect against sunburn.

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