H&E naturist magazine April 2019

H&E naturist magazine April 2019


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This is the PRINT edition of H&E naturist magazine, April 2019 issue.

In this issue, Anna Woodings of anaturistfamily.com hits back at recent protests over naturist swims and a petition to ban children from all events. Anna argues passionately that naturism is a family pursuit and that children who grow up accustomed to nudity have fewer hangups about their bodies in later life.

We also feature UK clubs and resorts, including Rivendell, which is preparing for its open day on April 6. Plus, Paul Rouse talks to the owners of Nudist Sailing Vacation in the the US, and discovers that it certainly hasn’t been all plain sailing for them.

Meanwhile, Rayner Otter looks at the goddesses associated with April, and visits Italy in his latest Naked Winelands tour. Theresa O’Shea returns to Extremadura for the second part of her feature on the region’s gorges and rivers; Steve Clarke looks back at some of his far-flung trips, and Reg Barlow looks at the results of the H&E survey that was carried out late last year.

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