H&E naturist magazine August 2017

H&E naturist magazine August 2017



This is the PRINT edition of H&E naturist magazine, August 2017 issue.

In this issue, Charlie Simonds and Gloria attend the grand opening of the revamped Rivendell resort in Dorset and are amazed by the transformation. Barely a few weeks before it had been a building site, but now it looks like a top-class naturist resort and managers Michael and Fiona are looking forward to welcoming the first guests.

Tim Forcer spends a few days in H&E’s home city of Hull, the 2017 City of Culture, and takes in a couple of exhibitions that feature naturism and nudity – the SKIN show at the Ferens Art Gallery and the H&E exhibition staged by editor Sam Hawcroft at the Kardomah94 venue in April and May.

Paul Montgomery visits the Netherlands, a hotbed of naturism, and we also report on some of the biggest World Naked Bike Ride events so far this year.

Meanwhile, Rick Morley visits a sun club in Essex where there is an artist-in-residence – with a difference. Steve Clarke visits Southleigh Manor; we report on how rain failed to stop play at the 2017 Parafotos masterclass in Devon; and Ian Gutteridge gets some great shots among the bluebells during a visit to Pevors Farm.

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