H&E naturist magazine August 2019

H&E naturist magazine August 2019



This is the PRINT edition of H&E naturist magazine, August 2019 issue. Looking for the online edition? Click HERE

In this issue, we focus on naturism in the UK, with reports on the NKD youth festival in Dorset, which has encouraging prospects for our lifestyle; the Naturist Foundation jazz, blues and real ale festival; the Parafotos photography masterclass at Pevors Farm; another visit to Rivendell; 10 years of Nudestock in South Yorkshire; and more.

We also look at the three books by photo-storyteller Laura Dodsworth, which our writer hails as “brave and brilliant”, and Barry Freeman rounds up his WNBR reports with news from seven more rides. Joy Harrington returns to Thailand for the NATCON event, and reports on how it’s grown to become “the united nations of naturism” with delegates from 23 countries.

As the sun blazes down this summer, it’s timely that Rayner Otter asks what we can do about climate change – a subject that should be close to every naturist’s heart – and skin. Meanwhile, Paul Rouse talks to Instagram sensation Stella Cordes – aka A Naked Girl – about the next generation of naturists, while Louise Ponting reports on NaturistWomen’s recent link-up with Naturist London.

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