H&E naturist magazine December 2019

H&E naturist magazine December 2019



This is the PRINT edition of H&E naturist magazine, December 2019 issue. Looking for the online edition? Click HERE

In this issue, Donna Price explains more about the British Naturism Women in Naturism campaign and how it aims to address the gender imbalance within the lifestyle. John Paine returns to Thailand, and enjoys the best of both worlds – city and beach – at three resorts, one in Bangkok and two in nearby Pattaya.

We also look at Greece, with Tim Forcer visiting the Naturist Angel Hotel in Rhodes, and Stuart Hooper going exploring on the island of Crete. Rayner Otter writes about a recent dilemma when looking at buying a property in Spain, saying it pays to be innovative – would he buy in a naturist community or would his head sway his heart?

Meanwhile, Paul Rouse urges naturist businesses to set out their ‘2020 vision’ and not be short-sighted when it comes to advertising and promotion; Theresa O’Shea explains how we can cut the plastic in our festive celebrations; and there are reports on the BN Vision Day and INF Swimming Gala.

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