H&E naturist magazine February 2020

H&E naturist magazine February 2020



This is the PRINT edition of H&E naturist magazine, February 2020 issue. Looking for the online edition? Click HERE

In this issue, Paul Rouse gets some tips from leading nude bloggers about where they’re heading this year, from Mexico and Croatia to Colombia and the Caribbean. Mark Bass reports on British Naturism’s recent Alton Towers weekend, which saw an encouraging younger demographic enjoying the many activities.

Cap d’Agde is a perennial favourite with naturists, and Terry Rich and Elaine McInnes-Rich write about how their summer wouldn’t be the same without a trip to the ‘naked city’. And when it comes to beaches, Danny Dicks says we should be a bit more German in our attitude… after a visit to some of the country’s FKK beaches on the Baltic coast, he is struck by how different the scene is from that on British nude beaches.

Meanwhile, after a visitation last summer, Charlie Simonds makes the case for the much-maligned wasp; Peter Coates reveals five ways on how to live a longer, happier life; and Robert Sanders looks at our core psychological needs, and how naturism can help us achieve them. Ray Ward looks at two films either side of the 1960s that demonstrate the changing attitudes to sex and nudity at that time, and Rayner Otter concludes his overview of ‘Nude Year’ festivals for 2020.

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