H&E naturist magazine January 2020

H&E naturist magazine January 2020



This is the PRINT edition of H&E naturist magazine, January 2020 issue. Looking for the online edition? Click HERE

In this issue, we look again at the most pressing issue of our times – climate change. Two of our writers argue that, as naturists, who arguably have a greater connection with the natural world, we should be leading the way on the issue.

Meanwhile, as we head into 2020, Rayner Otter looks at the first six months of the year’s big festival events around the world – and where you can take in a bit of naturism nearby. Robert Sanders has some advice if you’re a solo naturist traveller, and Steve Clarke looks back on how he found the lifestyle and ponders on its future. 

Plus, Stuart Hooper pays a first-time visit to the award-winning Essex retreat, Pevors Farm, Paul Rouse talks to Doria Gani about her approach to naked yoga, and Alan Smith writes about his wife Babs’ cancer ordeal and how she’s looking forward to a positive naked future.

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