H&E naturist magazine June 2020

H&E naturist magazine June 2020



This is the PRINT edition of H&E naturist magazine, June 2020 issue. Looking for the online edition? Click HERE

In this issue, we report on what it’s been like during lockdown for a number of people including those living in isolation at Spielplatz, a couple at home in Norfolk, as well as perspectives from France, Spain and Portugal. Barbara Lower also looks at how we can stay healthy if we can’t leave the house or travel very far.

Alan Varty offers a few offbeat musings on what is means to be a “happy naturist”; Robert Sanders continues his psychological series by focusing on finding meaning and purpose in our lives; and Theresa O’Shea looks back on her last jaunt before lockdown – a fun mobile phone photography course on the beach. 

Charlie Simonds presents volume three of his nostalgic scrapbook, with memories of photo and film shoots from 1992-95; in the latest Naked Winelands, Rayner Otter homes in on one of his favourite regions – Iberia; and Barry Freeman reports on what’s happening – or, more to the point, not happening – with this year’s World Naked Bike Ride events.

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