H&E naturist magazine September 2019 print edition



This is the PRINT edition of H&E naturist magazine, September 2019 issue. Looking for the online edition? Click HERE n n n nIn this issue, Rick Morley meets an innovative designer who makes accessories that she says accentuate the naked body – but is ‘naturist fashion’ a contradiction in terms, or do you like to accessorise? n n n nRobbie Gauld, who recently featured in the Scottish press talking about his love for naturism, visits Orkney in search of some wild naturism, while Mary Stephenson returns to Crete and finds much has changed since her last holiday there years ago, yet Vritomartis is a gem she will definitely revisit. In another interview with an Instagram sensation, Paul Rouse talks to “Naturism Girl” Diana, who has much to say on naturist travel and body image issues. n n n nCharlie Simonds looks at the photographic legends that have inspired his own work over the decades, while Rayner Otter hilariously recounts the time when he was forced to live like a ‘textile’ – and he didn’t like it! Meanwhile, Andrew Calow reports from the 2019 Bare All for Polar Bears event, Theresa O’Shea celebrates World Naturist Day on one of her favourite Costa del Sol beaches, Peter Roberts goes on a naked ramble in Dartmoor and the Naturist Action Group report on their second fact-finding trip to Paris, when the mercury was rising and rising… n nDISCREET DELIVERY: All our products are sent out in plain, non-transparent packaging.