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The Howard Fricker Calendar 2022


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More darkly abstract and sensual black-and-white images of women from the Yorkshire-based photographer, in his 2021 A3-sized calendar.

Howard likes to keep his work as simple and straightforward as possible, uncluttered by props and fussy backdrops, preferring instead to show his models against normal everyday settings.

He concentrates on nude figure and portrait photography and endeavours to bring out the sensuality and sexuality of the human form. His work has been shown in both joint and single exhibitions.

His models range from the young amateur through to the mature professional and he stresses that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, mature models often bringing something extra to the composition with their uninhibited poise and relaxed attitude to modelling and life in general.

His work is often quite dark with stark contrasts that create strong images. Alongside his creative work Howard also undertakes private commissions.

Howard lives in North Yorkshire, and can be contacted at Use this address for any queries or if you would like to join him to create some new work.

His website is at

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A3: 297mm x 420mm. Shipped in strong white card envelope.

A3 Howard Fricker calendar 2022 abstract art nude
The Howard Fricker Calendar 2022