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The Sea of Hull

What an experience this was! Some 3,200 brave souls turned up in Hull city centre in the early hours of Saturday, July 9, covered themselves in four various shades of gloopy blue-green body paint, and were photographed by American mass nude shoot aficionado Spencer Tunick.

The crowd was a mixture of visitors and locals, many of whom had not experienced social nudity before. As dawn broke, they slathered the paint on themselves and each other, and walked barefoot out into the streets of Hull. The atmosphere was unlike anything I had ever known – the camaraderie, brought about by the wonderful leveller that is nudity (and paint) was amazing, and everyone remained in good spirits despite the increasing cold.

The resulting publicity has been brilliant for both the city of my birth and for naturism. Read more about the event in the September issue of H&E, out on August 25.

(Photo courtesy of Rod Currie/Emma James)

Sam Hawcroft, H&E editor.