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Write for H&E


Would you like to write for H&E? If so, please read the editorial guidelines below.

H&E Naturist magazine is published by Hawk Editorial, which is seeking fresh and invigorating naturist and naked-themed material for the only commercially distributed monthly naturist magazine in the world (and its online version).

Editorial/photographic requirements are listed below. Apologies if they seem very detailed, but they hopefully answer all of your questions in advance and will cut down on any unnecessary correspondence, confusion or debate!

The email address for all editorial matters is editor@henaturist.net


What are we looking for?

  • Put simply, well-written material on the naturist lifestyle. This includes experiences, observations, naturist politics, travel, events, etc. Some space in each issue is also given over to features on the naked human body in society, history, art, culture and everyday life. Health/wellness features are also considered, especially if they have naturist relevance.
  • Certain subjects have been done to death. Features on the following are, in most cases, not required: body shaving, piercing, tattooing, circumcision, sexual experimentation, life modelling, etc. Nor do we tend to favour the ‘what I did on my holidays’ style of writing unless you happen to have done something particularly interesting/different/amusing while vacationing or been somewhere totally different within a naturist setting.
  • Before pitching, it is important that you have made yourself familiar with the magazine, look at the style of writing we publish, and are aware of any previous articles we have published on the topic you want to write about. If we have covered something relatively recently, we are unlikely to cover it again soon. Our complete archive is online to access for subscribers.
  • While we welcome pitches for standalone articles, you may also want to pitch ideas for some of our regular features. For new writers this is often a good way to get started with us, as there is an existing structure and previous examples to look back on.
  • You might also have an idea for a regular feature contributed by you. Let us know.
  • Word count: the preferred length for single-page columns or articles is around 600 words, and 800-1,500 words for features. This allows us to keep articles succinct and cover the widest possible range of topics in each issue.
  • Articles supplied accompanied by good-quality, interesting and original photographs are also more likely to be considered. See below for more details on photography.
  • There is no payment for articles of a purely commercial nature, nor do we encourage them. Paid display advertising, advertorials and classified advertising are available for this purpose.
  • For all advertising information please see our Media Pack HERE

How should I pitch?

  • Your pitch should be succinct and give an outline of the topic you would like to cover, why it should be covered, and why you think you are the person to cover it. A summary of around 100-150 words should be enough. Feel free to include links to any relevant news articles about the topic, should you feel they are necessary.
  • While we do not need or expect a full CV or covering letter before commissioning you to write an article, links to a selection of articles you have previously had published is always useful. If you have never had any writing published, we may ask you to write a couple of paragraphs of the article and send them over, so that we can help give you any guidance on the tone of writing required by the magazine.
  • It is also worth looking at our publication dates HERE to see if any time-sensitive element of your article or pitch would not fit in to our schedule.

Will you review my book?

  • We have limited space for reviews in each issue and do our best to ensure a range of topics are covered. If you would like your book to be considered for review, please post a copy to: PO Box 545, Hull HU9 9JF with a covering letter.
  • If your book is self-published and you only have a limited stock to send out for review, please email editor@henaturist.net to see if we are likely to review it before sending us a copy, as we are unable to return copies of books that we do not review.
  • If it is only available in Kindle or other online format, please email editor@henaturist.net to see if we are likely to review it.

Should I follow up an article/idea I have pitched?

  • If your proposed article is time-sensitive, please make that clear at the top of your pitch. Either way, we have a very organised and professional editorial team, and we will respond to all correspondence within a reasonable period. There is no need to chase us up.

What happens if my pitch is accepted?

  • Great news – now you need to write it. The editorial team will discuss the idea with you further and you will be given a word count, a deadline for submitting the article, and an indication (subject to pressure of space) as to when it will be published.
  • The deadline is obviously important because we work to a strict print schedule. If it seems like you will not be able to submit the article by the agreed deadline for whatever reason (for example, someone you wanted to interview for the article is no longer available until a later date), please inform the editorial team as soon as possible. It does not mean the article will automatically be dropped – we may be able to hold it over until a later issue. But the sooner we know, the sooner we can plan around it. If an article arrives late, we cannot guarantee it will be published as/when originally agreed.
  • Please send your articles by email attachment in a clearly titled email with a brief accompanying note. We receive a lot of correspondence, so simply calling it ‘H&E feature’ or similar can lead to confusion/emails being missed.
  • Send your articles in Word document format, as this allows for ease of editing. We do not accept PDFs or hand-written submissions.
  • Once you have submitted your article, that is not the end of the work. Your article will go through an editing process where it is checked for sense, style, accuracy, spelling and grammar. Sometimes the editorial team may have questions for you about aspects of the article, other times it may be edited for length. Please do not take any questions or editing personally – it is a standard process for every article we publish and something every writer will experience. If you disagree with a particular edit you are always welcome to say so and explain why, and your views will be taken on board. However, the final decision on what is published lies with the editor of the magazine.
  • We often work with a surplus of articles for each issue, which inevitably means some miss out. In that event, we try our best to hold over the less time-sensitive articles and publish them in the following issue, though it is not unusual for some articles to be held as “back-up” for a number of months.
  • Once your article is published we will let you know. Feel free to invoice us then if that’s how you prefer to work, but you don’t have to – we will contact you regarding payment.


  • Any material published in the magazine remains the copyright of the writer/creator. We require that no other naturist magazine or website use the material, or substantially the same material, before its appearance in H&E Naturist magazine/website and for six months after its appearance in H&E. This clause works on a trust principle and if H&E-published work does appear in another magazine or website, in violation of this reasonable clause, then any further contributions from the author or photographer will not be accepted.


  • As a rule, we prefer writers and photographers to use their real names. We understand that in certain cases this may not always be possible and are happy to discuss this with contributors.

Payment rates

  • All fees are by negotiation and agreed in writing in advance. As a guideline, our standard fee is in the region of £50 for a one-page article/column and £100-150 for a full-length article. Fees may depend on the quality and experience of the writer, and the longevity of their relationship with the magazine.
  • Payment is made for publication in the printed version of the magazine only. The online version of the magazine (available to subscribers) is simply a PDF of the artwork from the original printed magazine. No extra payment is therefore made for this.
  • Payment is made on or as soon as possible after the last working day of the month of publication.
  • Payment is in GBP sterling by bank transfer.
  • We are not able to pay a “kill fee” for an article that has been written and does not get published, which is why it is so important to accurately pitch the article and discuss the idea with the editorial team before writing it.


  • We require nude photos of men, women, couples and groups of all ages, shapes and sizes. It is the authentic ‘naturist look’ that we are interested in, and we prefer photos of people doing things other than simply sunbathing or posing for the camera. We also require photos of beaches and naturist venues from all over the world to illustrate our travel and venue features, and as stock images for more generic articles. Before sending, it is important that you have made yourself familiar with the magazine and look at the style of photos we publish.
  • We do not use photographs taken inside the house or bedroom. We also do not like photos where the subject’s face is turned away from the camera or is deliberately obscured, i.e. by sunglasses, large hats, etc.
  • We do not like photos illustrating articles that consist of shots of empty pools or beaches, deserted club lawns, unused facilities, etc
  • UK legislation forbids female nipples and the genitals of either sex on the front covers of magazines. These are usually obscured by cover lines or props that don’t look too contrived. We can, however, use these types of photos inside the magazine, although we do not require photos of an overtly sexual nature.
  • High-resolution digital images are essential – we do not accept prints or transparencies. Do not send images taken from the internet – they will be nowhere near the size/quality required for print publication and very likely not yours to take.
  • All photos of people specifically posed or photographed with their consent for publication must be accompanied by a model release form – which you can download HERE.
  • Other people nude in public places, whether in the foreground or background, do not require model releases, but use of such photos will be at our discretion.

Photo fees

  • These are negotiable. As a guideline, we pay £120 for a photo used on the front cover, and £30 for a full-page photo used in our print ‘In the Picture’ section.
  • Photo-led features (e.g. from professional or talented amateur photographers) are welcome. Payment rates will depend on the merits and usage of the photo sets.
  • We do not pay an additional rate for photos accompanying editorial features: we expect these to be supplied as an integral part of the pitch/story.
  • There is no payment for online-only publication (as in the Gallery Extra), but usually Gallery pics will be used when an image from the same set is printed in the main magazine.

Submitting photographs

  • You can send your images over via email – but please make sure you don’t bombard us. Send two or three at a time and preferably by prior negotiation. If the file is a large one, please send it by WeTransfer, Dropbox or similar method.
  • Please caption all photos accordingly, including the name of the feature they accompany and the agreed month of publication.
  • Unless you are a professional photographer, please do not manipulate your digital photographs in any variety of image-editing software. We require copies of the original captured image in order to reproduce your photographs faithfully in the magazine. Manipulated images/filters etc may look fine on your monitor but may not reproduce well on the printed page.

Copyright/photo credits

  • If, as the photographer, you own the copyright to any photos, please supply us with any terms and conditions at the time of pitching your ideas and/or sending in your photo contributions.
  • If you do not own the copyright to any photos (e.g. those relating to naturist venues or photos to illustrate a themed feature) please ensure you have the permission of the copyright owner and/or inform us of any photo credits that may be necessary. H&E Naturist/Hawk Editorial Ltd cannot be held responsible for any alleged infringement of copyright, nor get involved in third party disputes.

And finally: the Editor’s decision on all matters is final.