H&E naturist magazine July 2017

H&E naturist magazine July 2017



This is the PRINT edition of H&E naturist magazine, July 2017 issue.

In this issue, Robert Sanders tells of his experiences running his first naked 5K, at the Naturist Foundation – with the help of a 'couch to 5K' app – and explains how you can do it too. Meanwhile, Rayner Otter looks at the evolution of our favourite team games from naked origins. Paul Collier writes a touching tribute to his sadly missed dog Dougie, who appeared in many of his naturist photos, and asks whether other readers have any naturist pics of them with their pets.

There's a call to action from a teenage naturist, who would like to see more younger naturists take up the lifestyle, and the Naturist Action Group would like you to help them build an accurate picture of casual nudity in public by filling in their online survey.

Theresa O'Shea and John Kendrick enjoy going on naked rambles in Spain, and we meet the new managers of Rivendell. Plus, a report from the six-day event in Scotland, The Gathering 2017.

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