H&E naturist magazine November 2018

H&E naturist magazine November 2018



This is the PRINT edition of H&E naturist magazine, November 2018 issue.

In this issue, we feature the story of how the first London clothing-optional day for women came about and took place last month – organiser Louise Ponting explains why she thought it was needed, pointing out that women are those who could arguably benefit more from the naturist lifestyle, but participate the least.

Andy Crawford explores the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria in search of naturist spots, while closer to home, John and Barbara Lower go skinny-dipping in the Lakes, and Stuart Hooper visits Croft Country Club. Robert Sanders, inspired by a cheeky recipe book, enjoys a spot of afternoon tea as nature intended in his back garden.

Charlie Simonds turns a gloomy beach day into an art-nude photo opportunity, Matthew Eagles sets himself a naked challenge, and Rayner Otter describes another brush with skin cancer, and urges readers to look out for the warning signs.

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