H&E naturist magazine October 2017

H&E naturist magazine October 2017

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This is the PRINT edition of H&E naturist magazine, October 2017 issue.

In this issue, Peter Coates offers some healthy eating tips to help you feel even better naked, and Chris Moore travels to Seattle, in the far north-west of the US, and is pleasantly surprised to discover an extremely tolerant and laid-back attitude to public nudity.

Peter Brooker has a go at archery – in the nude – and Keith Baker reports on the opening of a new petanque club in Scotland. Steve Warren writes candidly about the first time he enjoyed naturism, and wonders what took him so long, while Rayner Otter takes his usual sideways look at Oktoberfest, and the lashings of beer – and occasional nudity – that festivalgoers enjoy.

Also across the pond, Steve Loxley enjoys a weekend of public nudity in Vancouver, at the Wreck Beach Bare Buns Run, and the World Naked Bike Ride.

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