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    What is naturism? In essense, naturism is a lifestyle enjoyed without clothing. But it can get a little more complex, as naturism means different things to different people. There are some people who like to [...]
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2 days ago

Yhuuuuhooooo yhuuuuuhooooo yhuuuhoooo listen up fellow Body Freedom discoverers..... I have an extra ordinary announcement to share with you.I am soo excited to share this with you.Not only is this a celebration of what I have accomplished, where I have been and where I am going, it is also a celebration of what is possible.You have been on this journey with me and I thank you from the depths of the oceans, heights of the mountains, and the bottom of my heart for all that you are and for showing up.You are a unique human with a unique body. And the world blesses you for being here to 👊 Reclaim your autonomy👊 #redefinebeauty 👊 Reignite your confidenceAre you ready to celebrate with me❓❓❓Put your hands together, drop your pants to the floor and unleash your smile...🥳 Today marks my 1️⃣ year anniversary of surrendering to food and my body. 🥳If I can do it so can you.Stay tuned and I’ll share the magic secrets to surrendering.#oneyear #celebration #oneyearanniversary #celebratingme #pavingtheway #recoverycoach #empowermentcoach #uniquespecimen #imperfectlyperfect #haes #lovinglife #discoveringme #iambeautiful ... See MoreSee Less
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